Kema Nederland is one of the few test stations in the world where all kinds of transformers are subjected to high voltage and short circuit tests. For the clients of Kema, including ABB, Siemens, GE and other transformer builders all over the world, we manage the entire logistics of inland transport. Using our own push barges, big transformers arriving by ship in Rotterdam or Antwerp are taken to the Daanen Shipping quay in Nijmegen where they are assembled.

When the transformer is ready for testing, the push barge and transformer are transported to Arnhem, where the short circuit tests take place on the site of DNV Kema. After the tests have been completed, the transformer returns to Nijmegen to be dismantled. During the entire operation the transformer remains on the push barge. We also organise the transhipment and storage at Rotterdam/Antwerp or Nijmegen. This obviously applies to any loads.